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Karnival of the Arts

Returning to Jacumba, CA May 9 - May 12, 2024

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Art.  Music.  Flow

Karnival of the Arts hosts artists, musicians and flow performers together on triple stages highlighting the best of local and national talent.  We create an environment for inspiration, expression, and creation for all to enjoy.

Kota 2023 Promo

Kota 2023 Promo

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Our festival was founded by a large group of friends in Northeast, PA in 2019.  Our annual event is the only way to spend Labor Day Weekend in PA!  

We have been fortunate to feature art, dance and musical talent from all over the country since our first year.  We will be returning to Kempton, PA on August 31st to continue this  annual tradition


We are happy to announce we will be returning to Kempton, PA for our foruth installment of Karnival of the Arts - East on Aug 31 - Sept 4.  We will have many returning artists, performers, musicians and staff from the East Koast joining the non-stop dance party including our new friends from the West.

We kan't wait to push the concept of Art - Music - Flow fusion to the next level once again on our one-of-a-kind triple stage at this East meets West event.  


East Koast tickets are here!

  • Do kids have to pay to get in? All children under 12 are FREE of admission and must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Tickets for children 13-17 can be purchased at the gate for 60 dollars with the purchase of an Adult ticket for a parent or legal guardian.

  • What is the cost to park? It is $15 to park your car. You can get all the info on purchasing a parking pass HERE.


  • How much do tickets cost and where can I get them? All ticket info HERE.


  • Can I buy a single day pass? Single day passes will be available at the front gate. You will need to let the front gate know you're buying a day pass and show your ID ( example: Drivers license) and you will be put on our single day pass list. You will have to purchase a ticket at full weekend price, then when you leave the venue you must go back to the front gate and return your wristband and show your ID. You will receive a partial refund in the amount of your purchase price minus the day rate ($75) and Parking.



AUG 31 - SEPT 4


Want to join the Karnival?
2023 sign-ups are here!

Want to join East Karnival?
2023 sign-ups are here!


Thank you to all KOTA Sponsors!