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Support your Art Kommunity

Support the Arts by sponsoring Karnival of the  Arts.  Stand out as an avid Art Supporter as you take advantage of on-site and online marketing opportunities

Karnival of the Arts hosts an East and West Koast event.  We are committed to putting regional Artists and Flow performers on the same level as National music headliners on a triple decked stage that allows for simultaneous Art performances.  We host monthly events in San Diego and sponsor a number of showcases and art endeavors on the East Koast as well. We are building a national Art and Music pipeline to share our local talents across the country.  We could use your help!  All sponsorship can be tailored for your needs and our but below are some packages we created designed to maximize the exposure to your sponsorship!

Sponsorship Packet

Click below to download a copy of the digital sponsorship packet

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