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Sign-ups for Art, Music, Flow, workshops, volunteers, and more!

Karnival of the Arts looks forward to welcoming back our unbeatable staff and performers as well as introduce our kommunity to new friends and new talents. We take pride in how we treat our performers and staff with unprecedented hospitality, promotions, and numerous opportunities to express and create.  We kan't wait to see what you do to add to Karnival of the Arts 2023!

Join Us!

Meet The Team

Karnival of the Arts EAST

August 31-September 4, 2023

Kempton Community Center

83 Community Center Drive


All applications are closed for this year! 
We appreciate you taking the time to kome and add to the vibe.  Here is a small token of our grattitude.  Hopefully you can still come share your presence!
Promocode: IMAKARNY

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