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Battle of the Bands

Calling all bands! Are you ready to rock and battle it out for a chance to be the supporting headliner at Karnival of the Arts East 2024? If your band has what it takes, let us know you're interested in joining the Battle of the Bands. Fill out the form [] to express your interest and confirm your availability for the semi-finals and finals. And we will start the vote the first week in April on the Karnival of the Arts - East 2024 event page!

1. Selection Process

Initial Selection via Social Media Vote:

  • Once the bands confirm their interest and availability, announce the bands on social media for an initial public vote. This vote will determine which bands the community wants to see compete.

Second Stage Confirmation:

  • Contact the top-voted bands to confirm their participation and reiterate the event dates and requirements.

2. Semi-Finals Setup

  • Host the semi-finals across different venues in Pennsylvania, with 3 bands performing at each venue. 

  • Winning band will be awarded $250 for their participation in the Semi Finals

  • Selection for the finals is based on both a judges' panel and crowd participation at each semi-final event. 3 regional winners move onto finals.

  • Professional media team will be present and recording events.

3. Judging Criteria

Judges will be a mix of regional musicians, Karnival of the Arts Founders and other event promoters.


Criteria for Judges:

  • Musicality

  • Stage Presence

  • Crowd Engagement

  • Originality

4. Finals and Prizes

  • Winning band will earn $250 for their participation in the Finals

  • The winning band of the finals secures a $500 supporting headliner slot at Karnival of the Arts

  • Professional media team will be present and recording event.

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