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    GENERAL RULES: • No Illegal Substances • No Firearms or Weapons • No Glass Bottles • No Underage Alcohol Possession/Consumption • No Fireworks • No Fires at campsites • No Violent or immoral Behavior • No Nitrous Oxide • No LITTERBUGS • Be Kind, Be Well, Love & May you always have enough The safety of our Attendees is of utmost priority. Failure to adhere to rules above will result in immediate ejection from festival grounds by Karnival of the Arts Staff and Security. Thank you for understanding. Weather: Karnival of the Arts 2024 WEST will take place rain or shine. No Refunds Prohibited items: knives, weapons, fireworks, Glass Bottles, illegal substances Alcoholic Beverages: This event is BYOB. Underage drinking is not allowed and if suspected, you will be prompted to provide proper identification. Failure to provide identification will result in being escorted off the premises. Security and Safety: Karnival of the Arts will be providing staff to secure the wellbeing and order of Karnival of the Arts. The presence of staff is provided in order to make this event experience safe and fun for everyone. Please respect and follow all rules and regulations, as they were created with your safety in mind. Medical: A medical team will be present for the duration of the festival. Basic first-aid is also available at the medical tent and staff members have the means to contact additional medical personnel if the need should arise. Health and Common Sense: We want to ensure that all of our visitors have a healthy, fun, and safe festival experience. Please take these steps to make sure you’re feeling great during and after the festival: 1. Stay Hydrated 2. Eat regularly 3. Dress appropriately 4. Protect yourself from the sun 5. Leave all personal and valuable items at home 6. Be prepared for camping (Tent/ Flashlight/ Extra Clothes/ Sleeping Bag, etc.) 7. Be Kind Acts and Set Times: All acts have confirmed their appearance at Karnival of the Arts 2024 WEST. However, acts are subject to change without notice. A complete list of set times will be released at the event. Lost & Found: Lost and found will be located at the front gate. You can pick up lost and found items at the festival at the front gate. Please be courteous to our neighbors: Deanza Springs Resort in Jucamba, California and our surrounding neighbors have been very kind to us while we have visited the venue. Show respect for them when you enter and leave the festival. Please do not make excessive noise, do not litter and do not drive fast around the venue. Volunteers: Applicants interested in volunteering at Karnival of the Arts please fill out this form-Karnival Volunteers. We will contact each volunteer who reaches out in advance. Food and Craft Vending: Applicants interested in vending at Karnival of the Arts MUST fill out this application form - Karnival Vendors. We will contact each vendor who reaches out in advance. Music/ Bands: If you would like to have your band perform at KOTA WEST, please fill out this form HERE. Artists: If you would like to be a live artist showcased at KOTA WEST please fill out this form HERE. Flow, Fire, & Visual Performers: If you would like to be a flow performer at KOTA WEST please fill out this form HERE. RV Camping: RV camping is available. To enter the festival grounds with an RV you must purchase an RV Pass HERE
    COMMON QUESTIONS: What time does the gate open? 8:00 AM May 10th 2024 When does the box office close? It does not close. It will be open for the duration of the entire festival. Can I come to the festival early? Gates will open to the public for Early Access @ 3:00 PM Thursday, May 9th, 2024. You must purchase an Early Access Pass along with a GA Weekend pass to enter the grounds on Thursday May 9th What is the address? Nomadic at DeAnza Springs Resort - 1951 Carrizo Gorge Rd, Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934 Do kids have to pay to get in? All children under 12 are FREE of admission and must be accompanied by parent or guardian. What is the cost to park? $25.00 for all vehicles (excluding RV’s) You can get a Parking Pass HERE. How much do tickets cost and where can I get them? All ticket info HERE. Can I buy a single day pass? Single day passes for Friday will be available at the front gate only. You will need to let the front gate know you're buying a day pass for Friday and show your ID (example: Drivers license) and you will be put on our single day Friday pass list. You will have to purchase a ticket at the full GA Weekend Pass price, then when you leave the venue you must go back to the front gate and return your wristband and show your ID. You will receive a partial refund in the amount of your purchase price minus the day rate. The cut off time for single day passes for Friday is 12:00 PM Saturday May 11th 2024. What if I show up Saturday? You will be charged a Saturday GA Pass of $100.00 Saturday GA Passes include camping and can be purchased at the front gate or online. Does not include parking. . Is camping available? Yes, Camping is included with all General Admission tickets (GA Weekend Pass, Saturday GA Pass). There will be designated areas for you to camp when you get to the karnival. Is there car camping? Camping is included with all GA passes. Whether you are camping in your car or next to it in a tent, a GA Weekend Pass or Saturday GA Pass permits you to camp next to your car. A Parking Pass will be required for every vehicle entering the festival grounds. General Admission Passes and Parking Passes are available for purchase here (General Admission Passes) Is there a pool and jacuzzi ? Yes, there is a pool and jacuzzi at the venue Is it a family atmosphere? Children are welcome at the venue and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Can I leave and re-enter? Yes, all attendees must present a wristband upon re-entering the festival. Can I bring my dog ? Yes, pets are allowed on the festival campgrounds. Pets MUST be on leash at all times and accompanied by an owner or guardian. Please clean up after your pet. If you cannot take responsibility for your pet please leave them at home. Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate ejection from the festival. No Refunds No exceptions. Can I bring alcohol? This event is BYOB. Underage drinking is not allowed and if suspected, you will be prompted to provide proper identification. Failure to provide identification will result in being escorted off the premises. No Refunds. No Exceptions. Can I have a personal fire? No personal fires will be permitted. There will, however, be a community bonfire set up to keep everyone warm and encourage some community jams by the fire. Camp grills/stoves ARE permitted. Will there be vegetarian and vegan food available for purchase? Yes Are there quiet places to camp? Yes, quiet camping areas will be marked on the festival map. Can I bring an RV? You must purchase a RV Pass. RV Passes can be found Here Can I buy electricity access if I don’t have an RV? Yes you can. Please email for details. What is the bathroom situation? Permanent restrooms are on site. There will also be portable toilets and hand wash-stations for use. Additional handicapped accessible portable toilets will also be available. Are there showers? Yes, there are open air showers on site. . When do I have to leave? All attendees will need to vacate the premises by Sunday 3PM on May 12th. What happens if it rains? If it rains, you get wet. Be prepared. This is a rain or shine event! Is there an ATM? Yes Will there be vendors? Yes, food craft and many other types of vendors will be at the event. Although at times vendors will be able to make digital transactions they ask that you come prepared with cash for your purchases if possible due to spotty cell service in the area. How is Cell service at the venue? Cellular service and data can be spotty at times. Is there a hotel nearby? Please check google for the most up to date local hotel information and availability. What else is nearby? San Diego beaches are less than an hour and a half west from the venue. There is the local town of Jacumba as well as nearby mexico. There are two rest areas within a mile of the venue with gas, beer, food, and basic supplies. Will there be Activities or workshops? Yes, check the schedules on the provided festival program.
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