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In 2019, Karnival of the Arts took the Pennsylvania Music Festival scene by storm, featuring artists from all over the country, live art performances, three stages of live music, a DJ and punk house, pool parties, and more!  With over 700 people in attendance for their inaugural show, and a committed group of organizers immediately began planning 2020.  Unfortunately, Covid dashed those efforts, but that did not deter the sponsors and organizers.  In 2021, KOTA returned even bigger and better than their first year with more camping, attendees, acts, activities, vendors, and sponsors!

This is your opportunity to introduce your business or services to our dedicated and growing fan-base.  With many participants enjoying all of Labor Day Weekend at KOTA--and now our expansion to a West Coast venue--your company will have multiple opportunities to connect with potential customers.  Check out our Sponsorship Opportunities for detailed information about our festival and how to market your company where business and fun meet!

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